The Artifacts of Culture Change measurement tool was funded by CMS and developed in 2006 by Karen Schoeneman, retired Deputy Director of CMS Division of Nursing Homes and Carmen Bowman of Edu-Catering who was awarded the contract.

The Pioneer Network gave the Artifacts tool its own website:

What you will find at the website:

  • -Developement Report by C. Bowman submitted to CMS
  • -The tool itself, hard copy
  • -An online option of completing the tool. PLEASE consider completing the tool online as this affords the opportunity for Pioneer Network to collect data across the country.
  • -Benchmark Reports sharing data submitted thus far.
  • -Reports of state projects using the Artifacts tool.

Grant Projects using Artifacts

Colorado Culture Change Collaborative Grant Project In 2010, Edu-Catering received a grant from the Colorado Culture Change Accountability Board which manages CMP grants in our state. 20 nursing homes volunteered to take part. Each team made up of both residents and staff team members chose three culture change practices identified in the Artifacts tool. Teams agreed to meet every other week to implement the three practices and share their story at the end of the project.

Teams completed the Artifacts tool at the beginning and end of the project. An increase in points, approximately a total of 15 for three practices (at 5 points each) was anticipated. However, the average point increase of 47 points was shocking and showed the value of joining such a project, a little support and mostly the power of making a commitment. The Artifacts tool also proved to do accomplish one of its identified goals by co-developers Karen Schoeneman of CMS and Bowman of Edu-Catering to serve as an educational tool. Many teams stated that the Artifacts tool opened their eyes to all that could be and that "it was the right thing to do" to incorporate more of the represented culture change practices for the residents they serve. To learn more, read the entire summary:

CO Culture Change Collaborative Grant Project Summary

More Artifact Grant Projects

2014 Artifacts Technical Assistance Project with 5 Assisted Livings

The Florida Pioneer Network developed with permission a redesign of the original Artifacts tool for assisted living.

Five assisted living residences in CO participated and agreed to implement six Artifacts, this time all proceedural. The average point increase was 20 (using a different scale than the original tool). Click here for the report.

2013 Artifacts Technical Assistance Project with 10 Nursing Homes

Each home chose 3 Artifacts. Point increase should have been 15 but average was 45! Click here for report.

2012 Artifacts Technical Assistance Project with 5 Nursing Homes Each home chose 3 Artifacts. Point increase should have been 15 but average was 38.8! Click here for report.

Co-developers Karen Schoneman and Carmen Bowman were asked to submit a chapter in one of the latest books on culture change.

The chapter is Measuring your Culture Change Journey: Development of the Artifacts of Culture Change Measurement Tool

The book is Models and Pathways for Person-Centered Elder Care (2014) To order this book from Health Professions Press Click here